"Antiques exist as evidence of the cultural tracks we made in the past" - Ai Weiwei


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Florence, the cradle of Renaissance art - Home to superior craftsmanship and Haute Style.
Now, more than ever, this Tuscan city is acknowledged as a fascinating and creative location for Third Millennium collectors and aficionados of design articles – from charming vintage pieces to contemporary items. A centre that hosts the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair and also acts as a hub for the world’s leading art dealers, the city is a favourite of internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. It is filled with high-profile modern art galleries that stand alongside the small ateliers where up-and-coming artists, painters and sculptors work. There are street artists in full view, too.
And expert interior designers ready to provide insight, personal consultations and solutions for any preference of décor and interior accessories.
The Florentine lifestyle is exclusive: made up of selected art galleries specialized in a variety of historical eras – paintings, sculptures, furniture and unique pieces from the 15th to the 20th century. You will be welcomed at intimate private museums like an honoured guest and will receive capable and discreet assistance before, during and after the purchase of the objects of your desire – right up until their delivery to your door.

ateliers specialized in Art-Déco, Art Nouveau, Vintage, Chinoiseries, Sheffield and silverworks

This kind of service is guaranteed by all ateliers specialized in Art-Déco, Art Nouveau, Vintage, Chinoiseries, Sheffield and silverworks. We are talking about the unparalleled beauty of scagliola, mosaics, collections of antique tapestries and precious rugs, décor fabrics that are still created by hand on looms or even custom-made fabrics with a contemporary flair for the home or office.
Art in this city is, above all, a question of superior craftsmanship: an article becomes even more exclusive if we can admire the hands and tools used to create it. You can watch cut crystal candleholders, glasses and vases come into being. You can observe silver being converted into contemporary style goblets and table cutlery and even see craftsmen and women intent on carving a piece of wood into just about anything, including sensational décor accessories.   
Beyond will be there with you as you discover this distinct sector in an enjoyable and informal manner. A sector where the ancient and the modern are stripped of their stylistic barriers so they can stand harmoniously side by side regardless of the many centuries separating them.
Antiques can actually be quite contemporary!

ateliers specialized in Art-Déco, Art Nouveau, Vintage, Chinoiseries, Sheffield and silverworks
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  • Art in Florence is, above all, a question of superior craftsmanship
  • Florence, the cradle of Renaissance art


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